Den J.

Den, once a 3-D graphics content designer and Air Traffic Control design prototype content provider, is presently retired from that profession. He is now involved in a small property management business.

Dee J.

Currently working in digital marketing for Abbott Point of Care, Dee has responsibilities of maintaining document controls, publishing corporate communications, creating new marketing materials and preparing them for distribution.


Dana is an aspiring student within the Washington Township School system. She likes Science, Math, Social Studies, Art and Music. She likes to play video games and out on the soccer and softball fields.

Den's Blogs

Motorcycling, Linux, Music - concert attendence, listening to Classical, Jazz, Blues, some Reggae, of course Zappa and playing a little guitar myself


Dee's Commerce

Corporate and Municipal Communications, Printed publications design and layout



Dana's Interests

Computer and console based gaming, Music, Soccer, Art



Welcome to BendOK.

This is our family website, Den, Dee and Dana maintain pages here.
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